Present Company Excluded: or the Disposability of the Decisive Moment

Present Company Excluded

The curator of “Present Company Excluded” is Matthew Whitehead, assistant professor of photography at Santa Fe College. Whitehead pooled his contacts with those of Santa Fe Gallery Manager Kyle Novak to solicit work for the exhibition.


“For this exhibit, we sent disposable cameras to artists all over the country and the globe,” explained Novak. “We asked artists to think about what makes a ‘decisive moment,’ an idea expressed originally by the photography pioneer Henri Cartier-Bresson. He thought that photography's greatest potential lay in its ability to capture those moments in time when elements of historical and visual significance come together. We thought that having artists use disposable cameras was a perfect way to complement Cartier-Bresson's vision of photography.”


Notable participants in “Present Company Excluded” are Jason Kofke (Atlanta), Roger Beebe (Ohio State University), Susan Maakestad (Memphis College of Art), Julia Morrisroe (University of Florida), Greely Myatt (University of Memphis), and Dustin Whitehead (filmmaker and Theatre instructor at Western Carolina University).


All the artists used inexpensive 200 ISO disposable cameras and that, according to Novak, created “both a conceptual and visual harmony and bond between the various photographs.”


"The limitations presented by the use of the disposable camera challenge the viewer’s perception of what we use to make art,” said exhibition curator Matthew Whitehead. “Though the 40 participating artists were given the same tool and parameters, the resulting exhibit showcases their diverse perspectives and backgrounds. From pure portraiture to abstraction, this exhibit should give any viewer a visually thought-provoking experience."


The Santa Fe Gallery offers students and the Gainesville community a dynamic calendar of engaging and thought-provoking exhibitions with an emphasis on creating an innovative learning environment.  


For more information about the exhibition and the gallery, call Santa Fe Gallery Manager Kyle Novak at 352-395-5464. 

Present Company Excluded: or the Disposability of the Decisive Moment